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Glenn Bookkeeping Service prepares federal, state and local income tax returns for companies and individuals.  We use a software that checks for Earned income Credit (EIC) and child tax credit whenever eligible.  Following IRS mandates, we electronically file income tax returns.  This speeds up the refund release date, allows for fewer processing errors and can immediately alert us to rejections for identity theft and dependent issues.

 Glenn Bookkeeping offers drop off service.  Bring in your tax documents at your convenience and we will contact you with questions and concerns.  You will be notified upon completion to return for pickup, sign the necessary paperwork and pay fees in approximately 2-5 days.

 Our fees will vary depending on the complexity of your tax returns.  Our rates are very competitive.  We can give you an estimate over the phone, but would rather see your documents and estimate the difficulty of your particular situation, in person, for a definite price.  Income tax preparation fees can be deducted from a federal refund.  There are additional bank fees for this service, but you wouldn’t have to wait for payday to file.

 Refunds can, and should, be directly deposited into your checking or savings account.  These options offer quicker results and are less risky than a check coming through the mail.

 Glenn Bookkeeping Service can look over any prior year tax returns to see if deductions were overlooked or any errors are evident.  We can advise if correcting, or filing amendments, are necessary.

Glenn Bookkeeping has 4 notaries public on staff.  Please bring a valid photo ID.  Wait to sign the documents until one of us can witness your signature.  The individual(s) signing MUST appear in person.

Glenn Bookkeeping offers a full range of payroll services designed to meet the specific needs of your company.  We offer full service payroll with direct deposit, detailed reports and the filing and paying of all taxes, and W2/W3 preparation.

 Another available option is after the fact payroll, where your company computes its own payroll and paychecks but would rather have a professional report and pay the taxes when they are due.

 Payroll cycles can be weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly and they all come with their own due dates and requirements.

 Payroll taxes are all the withholdings from the employees pay, but federal unemployment, state unemployment and workers compensation also need to be filed.

Not everyone is good at paperwork.  We are here to help show you how profitable your company is and where your money is going.  Glenn Bookkeeping will reconcile your bank account, provide an income statement, and generate a balance sheet all on a monthly or quarterly basis.  We would like to work together to provide information you can understand and use to be prepared when it comes time to file your business and personal taxes.

 We can help with business start-up.  There are different types of businesses to consider.  Glenn Bookkeeping can electronically file your applications and registrations to get a federal ID number, a county vendor’s licenses and payroll withholding accounts.  Part of the ongoing work we do for clients are the monthly sales tax filings, quarterly USE tax filings, keeping track of vendor payments and creating 1099s at year end.






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